Edu Pereda shows off Google gifted Galaxy Nexus

Well now that the the Galaxy Nexus is now widely available including the in the US; you would think that the drooling over the device was finished. Well not so fast Android lover, Google employees apparently got an early gift this holiday season. The Nexus employees are showing off is your everyday Galaxy Nexus with one exception, the back cover. The Battery door on the gifted Nexus’s that Google employees are recieving has a custom design of Android icons making up what will most definitelybe a highly sought after item.  This was shared on Google+ by Edu Pereda who is a software engineer at Google. I came across his shared pictures in my stream of the Nexus he received and immediately I became jealous and needed share with all of you.

Edu Pereda Showing off Google gifted Galaxy Nexus


Wonder how long before we see after market covers showing up for sale featuring that design or something similar? What do you think? would you buy it?

Check out Edu Pereda’s Google plus page for the images here

  • FILA

    eh, not no where as good as that nexus s special edition with an actual android on the back cover, this is just ugly