As we constantly post about the yummy Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs being ported to high-end devices, we tend to forget about the “not-so” high-end devices. The Samsung Galaxy Mini is getting some nice ICS love, by getting a CM9-ICS based ROM with everything working except the Live Wallpaper. There are some glitches happening with the camera, but it seems most first builds always have the dreaded camera issues. So if your rocking the little man device, head over to the XDA thread to download and flash away.

XDA Discussion Thread

  • Emmanuel Chenze

    Let me go and try this out. It is just a week since I upgraded this phone to Gingerbread. I can’t wait to rock ICS on my device.

  • peter

    I would like to up grad my phone to ice cream sanwich version how can i up gad version ?????