Rooting your Android device comes with many benefits, but it hasn’t always been the friendliest of processes for folks intimidated by having to tinker with their phone’s system, and in most cases, void their warranty to reach their goal. Fortunately, as technology has evolved, so have the processes to achieve root, making the task a great deal easier for the everyday “Average Joe” to unlock and enjoy their phone the way it should be enjoyed. After all, while some folks are content with their OEM-painted Android experiences, some of us like to stick to our roots and flash custom ROMs with an AOSP base. This is where the ever-amazing Android development community comes into play.

It looks as though this has been available for a few weeks now, but thanks to a report from PocketNow’s Anton Nagy, word is starting to spread like wildfire across the Internet today about an HTC Super Tool that will unlock and root a grip of HTC phones. The tool comes to us from XDA’s frigid and currently supports the following devices:

Evo Design 4g
Evo 4g
Evo 3d
Evo Shift
Wildfire S

If you own any of these phones and would like more information, make sure to check out the source link below. At the current time, S-OFF is not functioning, though it is planned for inclusion with future releases. Frigid has done an amazing job so far with this, and we’ll surely keep tabs on the project to see how things pan out with future releases. Let us know how it works out for you if you decide to try it out.

Source: XDA Via: PocketNow