If you’re looking for a car mount for your phone, you probably know how difficult it can be to find one that fits your device properly, while still offering easy access and functionality you need while you’re driving down the road, drinking that morning latte and fixing your hair on the way to work. If this is the case for you as it was for me, I urge you to stop looking right now and pick up a Clingo Universal Hands-Free Car Mount — you. will. not. regret. it.

What makes the Clingo Car Mount so special, you ask? First, let’s talk about the technology Clingo uses to “grip” your device and keep it in place. The material Clingo uses to stick to your phone is absolutely amazing. It provides a sticky surface that actually grabs and secures your device to the mount. Your phone stays secure on the mount, but is not difficult to peel off when you’re ready to take it down.

The material leaves absolutely no sticky residue on your phone when it is removed, and the mount practically never loses its stickiness. If it gets dirty, all you have to do is snap the piece off that has the sticky material, rinse it off with regular tap water from your sink and let it air dry — the process takes all of 5 minutes and the the material is just as sticky as it was when you pulled it out of the box. Best of all, you can stick, peel, rinse and repeat for life (at least that’s the guarantee from Clingo).

The device’s design makes the mount a universal solution that will work for any phone, MP3 player or similar shaped device. Once you’ve suctioned the mount to your windshield, you can stick any phone you’d like to the mount and have easy access to your charging port and 3.5mm jack if you need it. In my case, I just throw my phone up on the Clingo Mount with Bluetooth enabled and ship my audio over to my Kanex AirBlue portable Bluetooth music receiver and I never miss a beat.

They Yay

Everything about this product (and everything else by Clingo, for that matter) is awesome. I’ve been using this dock for about a week now and I absolutely love it. I also picked up a few of their other offerings, like the tablet stand, phone stand and an awesome lanyard that grips to your phone and keeps it around your neck for easy access. Man, I wish I had gotten that on day 1 of CES instead of day 4…

The Nay

There isn’t many times you’ll hear me say this, but there are no negatives to this product. Dig for one if you absolutely must, but Clingo has done an amazing job with their entire lineup and I’m a total fanboy.

Want to Buy?

The universal car mount is available for $34.99 from Clingo’s website, but you know how I feel about saving money. Even at full retail this is an awesome product, but why not save yourself some scratch and get it from Amazon for $20.99? Hit the link below for that deal

Clingo Universal Hands-Free Car Mount for iPhone 4, 3G/3GS, and All Cell Phones and Mobile Devices

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