Looks like HTC has decided to partner up with IBM to take on their goal to sell 100 million devices a year. That is quite a goal if you ask me, but it looks like with this agreement, this will help HTC show a bigger presence in the enterprise world. No word yet on the details of this partnership. David Jaeger, executive director Global Enterprise and Services at HTC had this to say:

[quote]It’s only been really relatively recently that HTC has broken into the enterprise space. We’re driving toward that magic 100-million device number globally. We see IBM as the gold standard for an enterprise partnership. We want to make sure if IBM is talking about Android or tablets, HTC is in the conversation.[/quote]

So looks like HTC will become even larger in the coming years. I am actually pleased to hear this because I have always been fond of HTC more than any of the other companies when it comes to phones. You guys think this partnership will help HTC become a better competitor in the Mobile world?

Source: XDA-Developers