ASUS tweets about Transformer Prime bootloader unlock slated for February


With the bitter taste still fresh in the Android community’s mouths about the recent discovery that the Asus Transformer Prime was shipping with a bootloader locked down tighter than Fort Knox, and ASUS’ promise that they would develop a bootloader unlocking tool still fresh in our heads, we were elated to see the following tweet sent out earlier this afternoon by @ASUS:

Just got word that the root tool for the @ASUS#TransformerPrime should be coming in February. ^EJ

— ASUS (@ASUS) Januar 24, 2012

Of course, the elation was quickly dulled down by the reminder that we’re still in January and that means Transformer Prime owners could possibly still have another 30 or more days until the tool is released. Gotta love the waiting game, eh? At any rate, It’s still nice to see ASUS listening to their customers and giving them want the want.

ASUS is definitely taking a proactive stance in stepping up their support. They’ve even gone as far as to do something very few companies have done, by offering official support to the community from ASUS Technical Marketing Manager Gary Key in the XDA Forums. This is a move that I think should become a standard in hardware and software development for the Android community. The more OEM’s open up to their communities, the better it will be for us as citizens of those communities.

We’ll be sure to watch for the bootloader unlocking tool to become available to the public. Until then, stay tuned!

Via: XDA

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