When we get lucky enough to attend those crazy conferences and shows that everyone wishes they were at, we often find our selves in awe. The lights, the glitz, the glam are just a small aspect of the experience. It hits every first timer pretty hard, just ask Tony Simons all about it. I may not be a seasoned vet, but a second trip gets you more focused. We spent much of our time in meetings, but the rest of the time was spent looking for the obscure, the outlandish and the just plain cool. As we try to catch up on everything we saw I thought we should share something in the obscure section of our trip.

While attempting to hit every booth during the Digital Experience, I came across a company called Mimoco. It definitely wasn’t their name that forced my legs to stop walking and take a look. It was the product line up that they had displayed before me. Any geek on the planet will stop in his tracks for Star Wars or Super Hero looking gear, no matter what it is attached to. Being that I am a huge Star Wars fan, episode III through VI, none of the new fancy stuff, the originals that I still have on VHS, I had to stop.

For the lesser educated, my self included, Mimoco has been bringing designer USB flash drives to consumers for over 6 years now. Having a good flash drive is essential to any tech enthusiast. Having a unique design takes your geekyness to a whole new level though. You most likely have several lying around your PC right now. What makes the USB flash drive aspect of Mimoco so unique is not the size of the drive. They range from 2GB to 64GB like anything else you can buy on the market. What makes them so special is their sculpted design to your favorite Star Wars character, Super Hero, Super Villain and a wide range of other choices. They are pretty cool looking. Now Mimoco has moved from traditional portable and stylish flash drives to microSD card readers.

The new MimoMicro’s line of microSD card reader key chains is just plain awesome. They come in a variety of collectible, 3D sculpted characters that any comic, Star Wars, or geek fan can appreciate. They have a small slot in the bottom of the key chain to slide in the microSD card of your choice. Then you simply flip the MimoMicro open and plug it into your PC. It even has a little LED light, just for kicks. The whole card reader idea is nothing new, but the card reader that looks like Darth Vadar, Yoda or Batman sure as heck is. Check out the quick little video about these guys below.

Aren’t those the coolest card readers you have ever seen? I thought they might be. Don’t go getting to excited though. Although they exist, they aren’t available for purchase just yet. These super cool accessory items will be available in March and will include the designs from Star Wars; Darth Vader, Yoda, C-3PO, Chewbacca, and the Millennium Falcon. Also you will find characters from DC Comics; Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Hopefully they expand this line to include more famous characters from Transformers and other popular models found in the USB drive line.

What do you guys think? Would you absolutely love to have Yoda chillin’ on your key chain for those times that you don’t have a data cable available to transfer files to or from your microSD card?

Check out their website at Mimoco.com. You can also check out the full press release for the MimoMicros.