Will the Samsung Galaxy S III be at Mobile World Congress, or will it not? Is it rocking a quad-core processor, or sticking to dual-core? The rumors around the digital streets spread like a bad rash when new anticipated phones are on the horizon. Well looks like the Android Guys have found a new batch of rumors from dear old Sammy.

First rumor on the list, is that Samsung has decided to not unveil SGSIII at MWC, because they want to unveil it at an even bigger stage. Bigger stage? What could be bigger than MWC? Unveiling it on the moon colony that Newt Gingrich wants to build if he is elected? Well how about the 2012 Summer Olympics. Now that seems more reasonable. Looks like they might be planning on giving the SGSIII a formal announcement right around the time the summer games are about to start. That means SGSIII ads will be smeared all over the stadium and you could imagine a few commercials playing over and over again, in between the events.

Now according to another source of the Android Guys, they are still saying that SGSIII is still going to be unveiled at MWC, and that it will arrive in March. Your brain hurting yet? Well how about rumors of a bulked up Galaxy Note and a Galaxy S II Plus phone as well. No real hard evidence of all this yet, it is what is being whispered around the interwebs.

So those are the new batch of rumors my Android friends. Fresh out of the oven and oh so tasty. How did you like them? Feel free to give us any information you guys have heard in the comments down below, so we can add it to the mix.

Source: Android Guys

  • Eddie24

    So….we’ll see our US GSIII in September then.