Last week we showed off a new launcher, aShell, that had some familiarities to what we usually see. It did have a few useful twists that made it stand out as an alternative that was actually different. It was a very popular launcher last week that I know many of you tried out. We promised a look at another launcher this week that was completely different from anything you have seen in the past. So today we bring you a look at ssLauncher.

Again, this is a home replacement app that you install from the market. As you can already see from the images below it is like nothing you have probably seen before. It gives your home screens a magazine style look with unlimited customization possibilities. When you first install the app and launch it for the first time you might be a bit lost. The launcher will set itself up to a stock layout for you to start playing around with. Just like the first image in the photos.

With ssLauncher being a totally new experience, it will take some time to get used to and to set up. You will have total creative freedom to create and design any type of layout your mind can create. Tapping on any of the pre-configured application words, like phone or messaging will launch the associated application. A few of the preset ones are defaulted to nothing or to standard email instead of Gmail. Each one is fully customizable by size, color, font, icon, title, app target and more. Simply long press on it and hit edit. You can also resize it or mve it to the front or back which allows you to create that really cool text overlay that magazine covers often do.

It offers 8 various animations for page effects, type of transition and speed of transition. Not to mention import of .ttf font files, icons, images and even theme packages. You can alter text size and text font individually or set specific types for small, medium or large. Of course you can also add, delete and rename pages to your liking. Take a look a quick video below by ZachhFrosty.

It really is a completely emersive experience that I have spent hours tweaking and designing on. Silly me though, I cleared it all and forgot to save it to show everyone. It is very light on battery use and gives you a look and layout that really makes your phone different. We could break down every single feature and setting, but that would take forever. More of you are interested in getting your hands on it and playing around. You can find the QR code below to click on or scan. The app is free and has since been updated twice in just the last week. Which means the developer is actively involved in its progression. After you get it installed you will easily spend a good hour making changes and learning all the various settings that are available. We would love to see what you come up with, so send over your home screens to our Twitter or G+ accounts.

Application: ssLauncher
Developer: ChYK
Cost: FREE

You can also find two themes that the developer has put together on the market. There is a Barebones theme and Oriental theme.

  • thehumble1

    I think that ssLauncher is hurting itself by using the magazine look as it’s selling point, when it’s real advantage is that it’s completely customizable and if you want to spend the time involved, you will get exactly the launcher you want, anything from a list of apps to just a big clock. It’s quite impressive and enjoyable and I really don’t know why it doesn’t have 40 themes already built for it.