Many of you big gamers clicked just because you saw the game name “Portal.” That is just fine by me. Seems the guys over at AndroidPolice have snagged up an Alpha port of the famed game being developed and created for Android. Sadly, this alpha build isn’t under construction by VALVe. That doesn’t mean it isn’t any less awesome though. The alpha version that is floating around the outer reaches of the web isn’t necessarily worth the time to dig out, at least not yet.

While it looks great and seems to play well, it doesn’t really give you much to do. The build is more of a proof-of-concept just to prove that it is feasibly possible to bring the game to Android. It has been ported over on the Unity Engine by a team of developer in Russia. It will most likely never make it to the official Android market, ever. Which is sad, but we hope that maybe VALVe will take notice and see that there is an interest in making this game mobile. Until that day, check out the video of the alpha below.  (The choppiness is related to the recording software not the game.)

How many of you would love to see a true version of Portal land on Android from VALVe?

Via AndroidPolice