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Galaxy Nexus Full Screen Mod

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and would like to unlock the true full screen potential of your device, you may want to take a look at this mod, discovered in the XDA Forums by our good friend to the north, Tom Gray of AndroidInCanada. Thanks to an article posted by Mr. Gray, we’ve got a step-by-step guide for the process, which was posted in the forums by mrx8836350. The mod basically removes the softkeys from the bottom of your Galaxy Nexus and make them hidden. For a better explanation, check out the video below.

From a quick look at the video, it looks like this is still a work in progress, but it’s definitely an interesting mod that I’m sure some of you will be anxious to try. If you do, remember, we aren’t responsible for anything you do to your phone, nor is the developer. Tread carefully before completing these steps.

————————–How to?—————————-
1: You need the apktool

2: Pull the framework-res.apk from your ROM Current

3: Decompile the framework-res.apk

4: Edit the framework-res\res\values\bools.xml
search the <bool name=”config_showNavigationBar”>true</bool>
change true to false

5: Save and exit

6: Compile framework-res and find the recompile APK

7: Use winrar to open the recompile APK?pull resources.arsc out

8: Use winrar to open the Original APK?and push the resource.arsc in the Original APK?
Compression method ?store

9: Done! Now you can use it to replace your framework-res.apk
and install button savior then start the service

10: Reboot and enjoy it

Downloads Here:

If you’ve got the cojones to try this mod for yourself, make sure to check out the original thread for more information and community support. Then, be sure to come back and share your experiences in the comment thread below. Happy hacking!

Via: AndroidInCanada

Thanks Daniel the Zombie Slayer!

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