I know many of you have been patiently waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich to finally drop for the OG Transformer. ASUS even went so far as to publicly post a tweet saying it was coming this month. That was back on the 2nd, now we are up to the 15th. We haven’t seen any news from them since.  Today we get some new information from ASUS via their Facebook page. Unfortunately it isn’t great news. It looks like the Ice Cream Sandwich update is pushed back slightly. Now we are looking at a February/March release.

Does that mean it won’t hit this month? Absolutely not. There is still a slim chance. When a company pushes an update back to include another month though, I personally set my sites for the end of the month mentioned so that I am not disappointed. That way if it hits early, it is a surprise. :O)

Are you guys getting antsy yet? I know we are.

Source: Facebook