Ice Cream Sandwich is barely getting out to all of our devices and there is talk about Jelly Bean? According to Taiwan chain supply makers, yes lets talk about it. Now according to these supply makers, the reason why Google will want to release Android 5.0 this summer, is because of the Windows 8 tablets that will arrive during this time. If you noticed I wrote “tablets” because it is looking like Jelly Bean will specifically optimize tablets and incorparate Chrome system functions to push dual-operating system designs. Google is strapping on the boxing gloves to take on Microsoft with another revamped OS, and lets hope they demolish them. All this is coming from our boys over at Digitimes, so we just might have a new dessert coming to us this summer.

Source: Digitimes

  • donbvonb

    Yeah? Jelly Bean? 5.0? What is this, America Online with a new major release every quarter? Gonna start sending out Google CDs? Pure speculation, you say? Newsworthy? Well I never…

    How are they saying Android 4.0 hasn’t succeeded when it’s barely out yet, ffs…

    Chrome browser experience needs some work, but that is just Beta, hit public last week. This is a disgusting amount of summary speculation, circle jerk high school drama bs. Please stick to real confirmed news and less terd tossing, clogging up the bandwidths of this here purty site, and more importantly the fanboys who read the articles… or ignore quality and just post one paragraph reviews and clog up 2 inches of screen real estate, shhhh homie.

  • FILA

    Well windows 8 isnt coming out till end of the year, And dual operating systems? They wanna run Chrome and Android on same tablet? Good for us geeks, but the most people out there wont know what to do, or even care, or “whats the difference”. And Ice Cream is good now, you already have chrome browser. Or did google dig there own self in a grave tryin to run 2 OS’s, when Chrome was meant for laptop/netbook based products while Android the touch interface. hm, were see, and oh i like jelly beans. Always wonder if they move to fast, when they get to Z, what will they use next?