Looks like CM9 is getting a little bit closer to being fully out in the wild. Earlier today, the CyanogenMod team tweeted that they needed our help. The help they were looking for, were some donations so they could purchase some stable Xeon-class servers with large amounts of RAM and fast disks. I guess virtual private servers will not cut it for build machines.

The team was thinking about putting a charge out for the nightly builds, but realized that would not be the best idea for the community. I think we would all agree on that, so they were simply just asking for a kind donation from anyone that wanted to give something to the Android community. Well to their very own surprise, they were able to get enough money from the community to get those servers they needed, within just a couple hours. Just shows how awesome the Android community is. People cracked open their wallets to help the boys out, and they were able to get enough money to get the Xeo-class servers. The team ended the post by saying they will have the builds going again. If you want to see their posts, click one of the two links below.

CyanogenMod Needs Your Help!
We’ve reached our goal!