If there’s one thing I know about The Sims series, people either love it or hate it. For many, the idea of simulating life in the form of pixels just isn’t their thing. If you fall into that group, no hard feelings, but you’ll probably want to skip reading this review. If you are a fan like myself, Electronic Arts is sure to please with the latest installment of its smash-hit franchise.

As many of you know, The Sims: FreePlay was released earlier this week for Android. I’ve played the game for the past few days, and I’m quite pleased with the overall experience. Before you run off to install, there are a few things you’ll want to take note of. First and foremost, there is absolutely no charge to play the game, hence the name FreePlay. The game requires a WiFi connection, but 4G connectivity is said to be in the works, so you’ll soon be able to keep up with your Sims wherever you go.

The Sims FreePlay for Android

The Sims: FreePlay is slightly different from earlier versions of the game. The first variation you will notice is the implementation of time-based click-and-play goals. Picture a mix of two games, the first being your typical Sims experience and the second being Mafia Wars, Farmville or any similar game where you need to check back periodically to complete goals and earn XP, cash and other in-game trinkets. Again, we tread on thin ice here, as the previously mentioned games also have a love-hate relationship in the community.

Generally speaking, I’m not much for that type of game, but the mixture of the two styles actually sits very well with me. Over the past few days, I’ve found myself compelled repeatedly to check in on my Sims and set them up on goals that need large amounts of time to complete before I go to work or turn in for the night.

Customization Galore

FreePlay offers players the chance to fully customize up to 16 Sims with an assortment of variables that can be applied. You can choose to be a wealthy tycoon, or you can play the role of a crazed loon who acts like a clucking chicken occasionally — the choice is all yours. You can build your homes from the ground up, or you can take the easy route and buy them pre-furnished, provided you have enough simoleans to pay the piper.

Simoleans are the familiar in-game currency, used in every installment of the game, including FreePlay. They can be earned by completing tasks, dug up by your trusty dog, or earned simply by signing into the game each day. You can also earn them by tending to your garden, cooking different foods and acquiring jobs. Of course, you can also spend real-life cash and pick them up via in-game purchase, but what fun is that, right?

Players can additionally earn “Life Points”, which can be used to instantly finish objectives or spent on special items that will make your Sims’ lives easier. Spend them wisely though, as you don’t want to find yourself tapped out when an important need for them arises. LP’s can be earned by completing goals and can even be retrieved by your dog on rare occasions.

Another cool thing about FreePlay is the lack of time speed-ups you’re accustomed to in earlier versions. FreePlay operates in real-time, so there are no alternative speeds. If you’re playing in the morning, it’s morning in the game. Same thing at night. As you progress further in the game, objectives require increasingly longer periods of time to complete, so as I previously mentioned, I like to make my Sims  all return to their homes for a deep sleep (you get more XP for making your Sims sleep in their own homes).

The Bottom Line

I’m giving this game a 4-out-of-5, strictly for the lack of 4G connectivity. Otherwise, The Sims: FreePlay is a very solid effort from EA, and I’ve truly enjoyed playing it so far on my Asus Transformer. I’m hoping the developers hold true to their word and bring mobile play into the mix so this game can get the 5-star rating it deserves.

If you’d like to give it a spin, make your way to the Android Market via the link below. Make sure you have about 600 MB of free space, as you’ll need to download the required files to make the game function. I hope you’ve enjoyed my review and stay tuned, AndroidSPIN’ers, we’ve got plenty more coming soon!

Application: The Sims FreePlay
Developer: Electronic Arts Inc
Cost: FREE

  • hussainawan

    man do u know where are samsung corby gts3653 themes

  • http://www.theofficialglee.blogspot.com Madi

    this doesnt work on evo 4g. it says that it is not compatible on my device .

    • Mark

      Works fine on EVO 3D. Make sure 4G connections are disabled. 3G and Wifi compatible only.

  • Steve

    Has anyone else (except me I mean), faced issues with this game on Asus TF101 (original Transformer) after the ICS upgrade?

    The game almost freezes after a minute, the screen starts to “tremble” and you can’t select or do anything! The only thing which remains functional is the sound, lol.

    Tony, I would appreciate your help so much! I hate to resort to uninstallation – reinstallation to see if it clears OK, as I will lose all my progress… :-(

    Thanks so much in advance!

    • http://androidspin.com Tony Simons

      I haven’t had any issues myself. If you have root, I’d suggest a backup with Titanium, and then uninstall and restore your data. Just a guess, but I feel your pain. Losing progress blows.

      • Steve

        No, I don’t have root (not yet, at least 😉 )

        I thought I would copy everything from the internal memory to an SD card, uninstall and then begin to check possible files that might include the progress data… but I don’t know where to start with all those directories and files included…

  • Jamie

    I have the LG Optimus (P920) phone and downloaded the sims freeplay.
    My boyfriend has Samsung Galaxy Vibrant S and has the same game on his phone.
    Only difference his dog is a golden retriever, mine is black and flashing?
    You can also see his floors/walls clearly and bright, but with mine..everything is black.
    I think it’s glitching but I don’t know how to fix it..?



  • Marissa

    i also have a mytouch 4g. how you make it work for your phone

  • barbara

    not understanding how it says version 2.0 & higher and is not compatible with my device which is a samsung galaxy prevail android version 2.3.6 ! help !

  • barbara s.

    not understanding how it says version 2.0 & higher and the game is not compatible with my device which is a samsung galaxy prevail android version 2.3.6! help!

  • barbara s.

    how do I download for an older version ( 2.3.6 )

    • http://www.androidspin.com Stormy Beach

      The only thing I can think of that is preventing it might be the processor. 800 MHz Qualcomm S1 MSM7627-3 is what is in the prevail. It worked on my Samsung Vibrant which is also a Galaxy S device, but it still had some slowness and lag at times. It also is a fairly large game, so the memory limits on that device might also be holding it up. The downside to the Play Store is they can only list the Android version. Beyond that the only way to know if it will work for you is to see if you can get it. We have seen a lot of games and apps that are supported by our OS version, but can’t be installed on many devices. Remember how long it took Netflix to finally open up to all devices..

  • Lisa

    My app keeps freezing! I my whole game last te because of the app not working right.

  • Megan

    I LOVED this game. But, over the past few months it has been a waste of time and money. I bought lifestyle points, used them, then the next time I got on all of my sims had stopped gardening and cooking buildings stopped construction. And after the last update where you could celebrate birthdays, I spent another big chunk of my lifestyle points to bake a birthday cake.. And of course, the next time I got on my sims were just hanging out, doing nothing.. and my cake and lifestyle points are gone. These are only 2 of many times this has happened. Super pissed off. Over this game. Finally going to delete this app.

  • Jazmine

    It says this game is not compatible for my version! && Myy friend has this game on her ipod && I love it! && I have an myTouch 4g! Why can’t I download this gameeee?!?!?

  • Jazmine

    It says this game is not compatible for my version! And Myy friend has this game on her ipod and I love it! && I have an myTouch 4g! Why can’t I download this gameeee?!?!?

  • Tondalaya

    It says its not compatible for my optimus elite android.why????

  • samantha

    I have a Samsung Galaxy s3. HAD a Captivate and loaded feeplay onto it. After upgrade I find out S3 is not able to download game from cloud. I can play on the Captivate if Im using wifi BUT now the screen is pitch black and I can make out where Sims are because of a faint green glow only. HOW on earth do I fix this? And yes, its a pain to set s3 to tether just to play games on an old phone. :(

  • samantha

    The othe games I cant download with all my progress intact are: city / club/ farm/bakery/ empire/ restaurant /fashion story and then all Angry birds.

  • samantha

    My freeplay was on my captivate. I upgraded to samsung galaxy s3 and its not able to upload freeplay. I can play it on old cell if im in wifi area . Im NOT in wifi area often. Any ideas?? Oh and the screen is black and i can make out where Sims are because of a faint green glow. Any help????

  • jimzgurl

    I still cant get sims free play to work I have already updated it and it just won’t work….Can anyone please help me ?