Seems owners of a Galaxy S II Skyrocket, are getting disappointed today. An Android 2.3.6 update has been rolling out to the phones, but some cannot seem to fully download the file. The update will partially download,  it then fails, and no matter how many times you try it just will not work. Some have even downloaded the whole file and they still get a failed message, and I am sure they have death in their eyes.  Surely AT&T will be rolling out a fix as soon as they can, but check your system updates to see if you have the update in there. Let us know if it is working for you, or you are getting the failed message.

Source: Android Community

  • Alex Hernandez

    working here, no issues. maybe at&t fixed something in a timely manner for once.

  • Justiin

    Mine fully downloaded but failed on install.

  • Bill

    My wifes updated but mine acted like it updated but I guess it errored out can’t try again until my 24 hours is up.

    • Roscoe White

      You can always turn off the automatic option for date and time and move the date ahead to bypass the wait period. Just a little FYI lol

  • Roscoe White

    I had some issues, but I tried what some other folks did and factory reset my device. After I did that, it updated perfectly. Newer lock screen (similar to the Note’s) and it looks like the phone icon has changed.

  • Eric Lorenz

    If you remove the sd card and try the update again. It should work with the sd card removed. I had the same problem on my Iconia tab. This is a known issue on a handful of android devices.

  • dmachine01

    I try to install the update numerous time by fooling the date by moving date up and still it wont work. also try removing the sd card with no luck.

  • Brian Freeman

    Have 32gig card installed and update worked flawlessly on Feb 21.

  • Shea

    My OS under phone settings still says 2.3.5, but everytime I try to look for updates it says my phone is up to date. Hence, I haven’t been able to attempt to download/install it.

  • Joel

    HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!! I started the update, and postponed it. How do I stop it from installing?? Can I delete the file? {What is the file name/ where is it stored} I’ve reached my maximum amount of times I can postpone the update – the phone says it will commence next time. ARRRRRGGG

    • Stormy Beach

      It has been a long time since the issue was being reported. The problem didn’t break anything, it just wouldn’t update. So if you get a failed message no harm no foul. At least that is my understanding of the issue. it wasn’t bricking devices or anything.

  • gm

    Each time the update is dowaloaded the phone reboots in clockwork recovery …. nd nothing happens :/