Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is barely touching the lips of hungry Android users and we’re already talking jelly beans. Android 5.0 Jelly Bean that is. With Google’s buyout of Motorola it looks like they are taking steps to integrate that division with Android (as expected). TG Daily is reporting that Android 5.0 may be in the works to be optimized for use with Motorola WebTop OS. This is the software Motorola uses for their docking phones such as the Atrix. Which begs the question. What does Google have in store for Android on other manufacture devices? Could Jelly Bean become a Motorola exclusive Android OS? A lot of questions are starting to arise and we have no answers, yet. If previous rumors are true, we should start officially hearing more in just a few months. Head over to the source link for more about these rumblings.


  • FILA

    Nah they just testing it on Moto since thats there baby now, like any other android it’ll be available for other manufacturers to use on there devices. Maybe Google is finally goin to use Moto’s idea, dock your phone to use as a whole computer OS but still in Android. Android on your phone, docked to your computer and keyboard and mouse, Goodbye Chrome OS?

    just my idea