I don’t think there is a single Android or tech site out there right now that isn’t keeping close tabs on Ice Cream Sandwich device update information. The anticipation to get your favorite or recently purchased device moved to the latest and greatest Android OS is equivalent to a child waiting for Christmas morning. Lucky for us, Christmas comes early all the time.

The very good people over at XDA have located builds of ICS for both the A100 and A500 tablets by Acer. Forum member vache post the files earlier today for all to enjoy and try out. Most of the people who jumped on board right away are reporting that they are running smooth and relatively bug free. Root is no longer available, at least not just yet. We did a little digging into the forums themselves and found that the process is pretty straight forward and easy, but issues are arising with the A500 update.zip only working on A501 tablets. Being that it is a leak, we can’t complain too much about it. You can rest assured knowing that the community is already hard at work to get that resolved as well as root.

On the A100 side of things, every thing seems to be gravy. All the comments we read through say it is up and running and working great. Face unlock doesn’t seem to be working and there is no sign of the Acer ring or other bloatware. It is a very ICS styled experience.

As with any leak and flashing procedure, you assume all risks at attempting to use any of the files. One persons experience might not be the same for everyone. Also, these are pre-releases, so they are not final builds and could cause you more headaches than anything else. It is always highly recommended that you spend the time reading through the forum posts and learning everything you can from others before you pull the trigger.

Direct yourself over to the appropriate link below to take a gander, grab the file is need be and hope for the best.

A100 Android 4.0.3 thread

A500/A501 Android 4.0.3 thread

Source: A100, A500 via Androidcentral

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