As a long-time T-Mobile customer who is just passed the midway point of my contract, I’ve been trying my absolute best to find a reason to resign with the company for another 2-year agreement when this one ends in December. Thanks to a post from David over at TmoNews, my blood is now boiling, and I’ve found yet another reason to want to look elsewhere. Say hello to the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G.

If you aren’t already familiar with the device, it’s not all that shabby, in terms of hardware specifications. The Blaze 4G features a Snapdragon S3 processor with a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, 5 megapixel camera with 720p video recording, a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera and is paired with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42Mbps network. Sounds pretty nice, right? Well, here’s the deal-breaker (for me, at least), and it’s one that’s got me fuming.

Considering the announcement that the phone will be available sometime in late March (thanks for the specificity, T-Mobile), you’re probably thinking there’s no way it will come rocking anything less than Ice Cream Sandwich, right? Well, think again. Get ready for a blast from last year with Android 2.3 (aka Gingerbread). TmoNews contacted T-Mobile in regards to the possibility of an ICS update, and here’s what they got in response:

The Galaxy S Blaze 4G is expected to be upgradeable to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. T-Mobile is committed to enhancing customers’ experience with our devices, including providing upgrades to the latest Android operating system — Android 4.0. We are actively working with our OEM partners, like Samsung, to ensure that a number of eligible T-Mobile devices are upgraded to Android 4.0 in the coming months and will communicate updates as we have additional details to share.

Well, rudy-freakin’-pooh! Here’s an idea: why not focus on bringing a device to your shelves that comes with Android 4.0 out of the box? We’ve heard rumors about a T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus, but there’s been nothing solid and I honestly don’t expect anything anytime soon. So, before anyone chimes in Magenta’s defense, I don’t even want to hear it — there’s absolutely no excusable reason for T-Mobile to release anymore Gingerbread-based devices. Get on the ball, or I’ll take my business elsewhere, possibly before my contract ends if this taste in my mouth for T-Mobile grows bad enough.

Again, the Blaze 4G will be available sometime in March for 149.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate (if you care). I’m so ticked about the situation, I’m not even going to post more pictures of the phone. If you want to see more or read the full press release, make sure to hit up the source link below.

/end rant

Source: TmoNews

  • Tony

    I just find it strange that ICS was announced or released months ago and no one has jumped to release a phone with Android’s current version of the OS. It’s like releasing the next iPhone with the previous version of iOS. The Angry Apple fanboys would never allow it! It would be like the London riots all over again if Apple did that. Yet phone after phone after phone keeps coming out with the last version of Android & they expect us to sign on for 2 years & not say anything about it.

    • Tony Simons

      You’re absolutely right. It disgusts me.

    • Tony

      *Other than the Galaxy Nexus, of course. (I had to add that before I got all trolled up over it by someone).

      • Tony Simons

        Which is available on how many carriers? =D

        • Tony


        • Tony Simons

          I’m still jealous and bitter, can’t you tell? LOL

  • Lawless_1

    HTC Sensation FTW!

  • highdefdinardo

    If you are unhappy with T-Mobile. Switch Carriers. It is not a carrier problem, nor is it a manufacturer problem. The lack, and speed in which we receive or don’t receive OS updates in a timely fashion is a direct result of how Android/Google allows the carriers and manufactures to retool and modify the OS. After the carriers & handheld manufacturers tinker with the OS, such as ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich), it still has to be approved by Android/Google to be a release candidate. Once that is approved, then testing begins, and from there if it is all good, an update schedule is made for each carrier. If you want updates quickly, switch to an iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Mobile Device (probably not, WIn Mobile, because I hear thats just as bad). I have an SGS2 that I purchased back in October 2011, and my device isnt eligible for the ICS update until late in Q1 of 2012 or early Q2 of 2012. If the Samsung Blaze is being released in March, then realistically, the FCC did not pass this device for production/sale until probably November/December 2011, at which time, ICS (Android 4.0) was not readily available. This problem with each carrier and manufacturer being able to tool, and modify and input bloatware for each device will not be rectified for 2-3 years, and even then it still may be a problem, because ANDROID very well may not even be in existence in 2 to 3 years due to all the lawsuits, haggling and complaining. I have an SGS2 with T-Mobile. I am curious about the updates as well. In the meantime if you are not happy with your current device/carrier/OS, then switch.

    • Tony Simons

      Well said, though you missed the part of the post where I threatened to do exactly that.

      You also missed the part where I said I don’t care to hear any T-Mobile defense posts, but I won’t hold that against you.

  • Awdahelwidit

    I completely feel your pain. Just “settled” for a T989 last month. Best bet if it’s that big of a deal, get on Ebay, or Amazon, and buy a Galaxy Nexus. This (selling devices loaded with well tested, stable software) is nothing new to the technology business. Hell, there are still notebooks sold today that come with XP, lol. Just be patient, and you will see handsets come along eventually. If you fiend for ICS that bad, get a handset with a CM9 or AOSP port.

    I would be a lot more concerned if they were constantly releasing obsolete hardware (but as you said, h/w ain’t that bad). In the end T-Mobile is still the lesser of the evils. We magenta customers pay only half what the competition charges for service, have the fastest wireless broadband (even if the tech behind it is dated), and NEVER have to worry about getting a used handset with “bad esn” issues, or anything like that.

    Besides, what other viable options really exist in the carrier world? Two evil empires, a few mom & pop shops, and Sprint (who’s CS is so awful they scared everyone off years ago). So you might as well just ride it out with T-Mo, and start buying devices based on the development/hacking community trends, rather than putting faith in, or having any expectations from carriers.

  • logan

    I come to android spin for news, not a childish rant about the software on his latest budget super phone. Dissapointing that ithas gingerbread? Yeah. Is it really something worth making yourself have a temper tantrum for? By your rationale, perhaps we should look to other sites for news. I don’t want to hear any dissenting opinion, I mean android spin apologists, either.

    Sounds kinda stupid, doesn’t it?

    • Bob

      I think the point Tony was shooting for, but slightly missed is, not the just the fact of the device launching with Gingerbread, but the same lame corporate crap about an update. I fully expect to see another 10 phones launched before T-Mobile, or any other carrier really, gets a device with ICS on other than the Gnex. By that I mean at launch, not upgrades. To make matters worse is that T-Mobile is adding another device, that they have to worry about supporting, or failing to support. You can see it across the board for all carriers. AT&T did the same thing with their Galaxy S II and launched the Skyrocket. You can’t blame the carriers though. It’s the consumers fault. We demand whatever looks and sounds the coolest. Instead of letting the carriers and manufacturers work it out. Had we all not wanted the Galaxy II to land stateside and bug and nag to make it happen, maybe the carriers would have waited a little longer and brought the 4G device in first instead of second.

      Once we get past blaming the manufacturers and carriers for problems that we created on our own, then we can all move forward. On the flip side of the coin, had Samsung and T-Mobile launched the Blaze with ICS built in, you still wouldn’t be happy because it would would be a TouchWiz UI overlay, still not true ICS. Which I know is exactly what you want. Face it, Gnex and Nexus S are your only choices for official updates to true ICS, other wise, get to cracking on custom ports and build your own ROM for the device that has the specs you want. Everyone needs to quite worrying about the OS version installed and look to the community and the developers. Base your device purchase on community activity. Its the only way we will survive what the carriers and manufactures do.

  • thecityboy781

    wheres galaxy nexus?