On your mark! Get set! Wait! The much-anticipated update to Ice Cream Sandwich for the original Transformer has begun to roll out. Earlier this morning a post landed on their Facebook page making the announcement.  This will move your device to firmware v. and is available right now in Taiwan. This is great news and makes their latest February/March timeline extremely doable world-wide. While the Taiwanese are jumping for joy, the rest of the world sits at the edge of their seats hitting update. It could still take all of March before ever region is covered and has their update in hand. One thing you can rest assured of though is Asus’ dedication to providing continued support for their devices. It is nice to see a company take their customers seriously and show their appreciation for their support.

Source: Facebook  via Eurodroid


Our good buddies from DroidDog have pointed out a tweet from @Asus that indicates the ICS update for the Transformer should hit United States soil tomorrow! (2/24/20120). Thanks Evan!