If you build it they will come. Well, it’s already built, so I guess if you buy it all they will have no choice but to come. At least I think that is Verizon’s plan anyways. What can you do when you have oodles of money, a huge customer base and the largest cell footprint in America. Buy more of course. It should be no surprise to you guys that Verizon is already working deals with various cable companies to purchase unused spectrum. They have deals in the works with Comcast, Time Warner and House Networks at the moment. The target spectrum purchase?? A grip of AWS band varieties which just so happen to be the userplane for their 4G technology. T-mobile has filed with the FCC to ask them to step in a prevent the sale of the spectrum to Verizon.

“The Transactions come before the Commission at a critical time for the future of competition in mobile services, and particularly in mobile broadband. Verizon Wireless, with its extensive holdings of valuable low-frequency spectrum, already has a significant advantage in the industry migration to LTE as the new wireless broadband standard. Its smaller competitors do not have excess spectrum in which to first warehouse bandwidth and later deploy LTE. With current spectrum holdings, their effort to deploy LTE is more complicated, costly and time consuming. Moreover, its smaller competitors are largely relegated to the higher frequency ranges, which are more difficult to deploy due to their propagation and building penetration characteristics, and their ability to keep up with demand as the industry evolves to the LTE standard will be significantly capacity constrained, to the detriment of competition. “

T-Mobile isn’t going to just sit back and let Verizon take up all the spectrum. They go on to say themselves and other smaller carriers would benefit greater from the spectrum. Saying they could put it to use ““…quickly, more intensively, and more efficiently than Verizon Wireless.” Now that is the T-Mobile I love to see. Go get em magenta!! Besides, what would Verizon do with it? Spend more money to implement it to new areas and have it crash ever couple of months? Maybe they should focus on what they have now and how to keep it up instead of buying more that they can’t support. Just my thoughts anyways.

Source: Tmonews 


  • FILA

    Id like to see T get it to, but if T-Mobile dont pay for it, why should they get it? Money talks