Bezel isn’t a word we hear a whole lot of anymore. The main focus of our smartphones has switched to screen size, resolution and processors. While bezel on a smartphone does play a factor in screen size, most average people have no idea what it even is. Well, the bezel is that small is that small space that surrounds the edge of your screen. Not the actual housing, but the black strip.

Samsung seems to hate the bezel on their TV’s and smartphones and is trying to do away with it as much as possible. That is easily apparent when you look at the bezel on the Galaxy S compared to the bezel on the Galaxy S II. That isn’t enough for Samsung though. They are trying to get rid of it entirely. According to a report from South Korea’s Maeil Business Newspaper, the Galaxy B is the device to do it. With the minor exception of the top most part of the device that houses the speaker, camera and other sensors. Essentially making the front of your device nothing but screen.

According to the report, Samsung has been working on it for quite sometime now. Getting rid of the bezel entirely will sure make a sleek-looking phone. It is said to be released Q3 or Q4. The Galaxy B title is temporary and may just turn into the Galaxy S III by the time they get done with it. Especially since they say it is sporting their new quad-core Exynos chip.

Galaxy S III or not, I have a feeling I will want one if they come stateside.

Source: Crave.Cnet

Special note – The above image is neither confirmed nor denied as prototype version. Check the source for information about the image.


  • Tony

    That looks really cool!

  • FILA

    ha, maybe motorola should take some advice, that bezel on that razr, jesus, its hideous