Just today HTC announced that they were releasing the Beats audio API’s so developers could start including it in applications. Long before the API announcement, many developers pulled the software and modified it for other devices and their custom-built ROMs. There have been a few ROMs running around the community lately that offers up some Beats audio magic included. For many people, that was a deciding factor in flashing. Developers are quick to make magic happen where it really shouldn’t and they are also quick to make it available to anyone on any device and any ROM.

Those of you sporting a hacked up Photon 4G as sure to recognize the name RockoDev. From the information we can locate, he was the first one to port the package over. Now reports and coming in that the simple flashable package can be flashed to any Android device sporting a Gingerbread ROM.

This is a Beats Audio Port and should work for all Gingerbread Roms. The sounds will be more natural, playing with more clarity.

As I mentioned in the API post, I am still personally skeptical about the improvements this can create. Judging from the images provided below, you can sure as heck see a lot more audio activity. It was tested out on a Samsung Galaxy SL, image on the left is before and the image on the right is after.

If you haven’t yet made the transition to an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM yet, they you might want to take a quick gander at this. Of course we highly recommend making a back up of your current ROM before flashing, just in case. Direct yourself over to XDA to do a little more research and pick up the file needed and be sure to let us know if you can tell a difference.

Source: XDA