T-Mobile did pretty good when they launched the original myTouch with HTC back in the G1 days. Then they attempted to continue the ‘flagship’ name. Nothing really stuck until the myTouch 4G hit. Then they migrated from HTC as the manufacturer to LG. To say that was a great idea is like saying snorting a line of Sweet n’ Low is a great idea. Continuing on unfazed, T-Mobile is reportedly partnering with Huawei to make the next line of myTouch devices.

PocketNow has picked up a set of images that show off a fairly similar looking set of devices to the LG myTouch Q and myTouch. The image is of two variations of the myTouch line. Sticking with a screen only versions and a slider version. I guess it never hurts to have both styles available. Just looking at them the way they are, I would imagine the screen only device, on the left, will be a bit more inexpensive due to the lack of a front facing camera on it.

Details on the devices are fairly scarce still though. We peg them with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) with a custom UI overlay. I wouldn’t expect anything more than a Qualcomm dual-core processor around 1.2GHz though. T-Mobile is all about affordable, not incredible. Oh, did we mention the 480X800 WVGA screen resolution? We will keep our eyes open for further details and specs for those of you that are die-hard myTouch fans, but in my opinion, the myTouch 4G was the last decent one ever made.

Source: PocketNow 

  • userofphones

    FWIW, it’s “decent” not “descent,” unless you’re talking about T-Mobile’s “descent from decent.”

    The myTouch 4G Slide, made by HTC, was a fine phone that never found an audience. I thought the display was too small, but HTC/T-Mobile wanted to keep the size within grasp. (Pun intended.) It had nice performance and a good camera, but it never really caught on.

    • http://www.androidspin.com Stormy Beach

      It could be taken that way. Sucking down cold medicine makes your head a little foggy. It had potential, and like you said never found an audience. I think there were to many other options available that over shadowed it.