HTC Vivid to get Sense 4.0, Beats Audio and ICS in coming Weeks


Just the other week HTC announced that the Vivid would be getting an Ice Cream Sandwich update soon. Included in that small snippet of an announcement, they also made it known that the update would include Beats Audio. That gives you two great things to look forward too. On the side of which flavor of Sense would be coming, they failed to make mention. We expected Sense 3.6 to grace the Vivid. It looks like we were wrong. New information has been discovered that pegs the ICS update to have Sense 4.0 included.

This is great news really. Sense 4.0 is a dramatically slimmed down version of the Sense UI. Making it less of a resource hog, while still giving the users of the software a familiar look and feel. With them specifically stating “in the coming weeks” leads us to believe it should be hitting before the end of March. We can only hope though. Carriers are notorious for waiting till a new device has had time to sell and settle before updating older models.

As long as the update lands before May, I think you guys will be in good shape though.

Source: AndroidCommunity

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  • abel

    Where does that say sense 4.0 only android 4.0, until further notice the “updated HTC SENSE” is 3.6 on the current ICS roms on Xda HTC Vivid Dev section

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