Samsung is hands down the leader in smartphone sales around the globe. Shipping nearly 300 million handsets in 2011, they have single-handedly dominated the market since the first Galaxy S device came to light. While many other manufacturers have done quiet well for themselves, Samsung and what is next, is a hot topic everywhere. While their devices are relatively stupid proof to root and modify, there is still a lot that Samsung holds back from the community.

Some of the more complex issues that arise on the development scene is directly created by key elements that are held back. In particular are the driver libraries and source headers. While our development community does a pretty damn good job of giving us a variety of choices in the custom ROM scene, their abilities are limited with out all the tools they need to move forward.

That is where XDA recognized developer and CyanogenMod device maintainer, Codeworkx comes into play. Knowing well and good that the Galaxy SII has a lot of potential if Samsung would just release the small bits that are needed to help development take off. After all, if you buy a phone, it is yours. There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to do whatever you want with it. To help get the ball rolling he has set up a petition for the masses to sign. Out lining exactly what the developers need in order to move forward and to make the Galaxy S II truly shine. They are shooting for 10,000 signatures and are currently at 5,817. You are free to sign if you so desire. We have a feeling that if a large enough body of people show support and interest in future development of the device, that Samsung might just say “OK”. It is a hope and a dream, they can always just ignore the efforts. You don’t need to own a Galaxy S II to sign the petition of course. The more support it receives from everyone the better chance we all have of future devices having the needed tools available at launch.

You can check out the original post at XDA, or head straight to the petition so you too can sign, or at least read up one what they are asking for, at

Source: Change via XDA

  • Mark

    Why anyone buys a non-Google phone, is beyond me (I say this after owning about three of Samsung’s crap locked down products).

    The Android world is mostly as locked up as iOS, with the exception that Apple at least supports older models with new OS updates, while the Android manufacturers do not.

    And so most Android users are stuck at OS 2.x, which frankly, is rather primitive compared to both iOS and to ICS.