Concept devices are always a great way to get you looking to the future of Android, or technology in general. At the recent Toshiba 2012 conference, they had a new concept tablet just lying around for people to see. Pocket-lint was there to take a look at it. Sadly the tablet doesn’t power on or do anything cool just yet. As a concept though, it was sporting a 13.3-inch screen, and according to a NVIDIA rep on hand, it has a Tegra 3 under the hood. The unit had all your usual connectivity ports like USB, HDMI and SD card slot.

Toshiba couldn’t say if this concept device would ever amount to anything more than an in-house device right now. They are showing it off as is right now to gauge people’s responses and to see if the interest for a larger tablet is there or not. Judging by the photos it looks to be extremely thin. They also make a special note that it is extremely light for its size. With out it being able to power on though, we wonder what other components might not be inside currently. There could still be a great deal of weight left to be added.

What do you guys think? Are we over the 10-inch tablets? Are we ready to push it up another level and go to 13.3-inches? It sure would be nice. Hit up the link below to take a gander at more photos of tablet.

Via Pocket-Lint

  • Dan

    For now I think 13.3 inch is too large, we need developers to focus on the standard 10 inch display so that there would be a better ecosystem first. Then i think other sizes can be introduced.

  • FILA

    Coming soon 24 inch Android Tablet, Sammy Galaxy Tab XL