The HTC Sensation seems to be back in the news again. This time with less wonderful information. We know the HTC Sensation and its variants around the globe are slated to get Ice Cream Sandwich some time soon. A lucky few overseas users are getting a preview of the update that will inevitably be landing across the globe. While an update to ICS is a wonderful update to receive, there is new information available now that pegs the update to only include Sense 3.6, not the slimmed down and cleaner Sense 4.0.

In a statement provided to recombu by HTC, they give the following clarification for this move –

“HTC Sense brings a variety of new software enhancements to HTC One, some of which utilize the latest hardware innovations, meaning not all functionality can be introduced to older HTC Devices. With that said, we are looking to bring a Sense 4 software update that includes as many of the enhancements as possible to a variety of our new devices.

To put that into perspective, Sense 4.0 is designed to run on the Qualcomm S4 processor and not the S3, which is what the Sensation runs on. It makes ‘sense’ that HTC would only want the true Sense 4.0 UI experience on newer devices rather than updating older phones. Regardless if it is hardware limitations or not, it is all about selling the latest and greatest.

Those of you that were hoping to see Sense 4.0 land on your Sensation along with ICS will be slightly disappointed. While Sense 3.6 is still an improvement, you might be better off picking up Nova Launcher after the update to clean things up a bit.

Source: Recombu via Phandroid 

  • Lawless_1

    If Sense 4.0 is slimmed down then wouldn’t it run smoother than 3.6 on the Sensation’s weaker S3 processor? The way this article reads is that HTC is leading us to believe the S3 can’t handle it.

    • Stormy Beach

      According to HTC, Sense 4 uses some of the latest hardware advancements in the S4 that aren’t present in the S3 processors. Doesn’t mean the S3 can’t handle it, the developers prove that time and time again. HTC just isn’t going to dump the time in making Sense 4 for the Sensation when they really want you to buy a HTC One device. Just like Samsung saying that the Galaxy S can’t handle ICS because of memory limits. In actuality it can. I have ICS on mine right now. They won’t pull out TouchWiz to make the update happen. They want me to buy a new phone. It is all business.