Anyone with a Nexus S and has a fancy for Sense, will be glad to hear that Sense 4.0 has been ported over from the HTC Endeavor. There is that name “Endeavor”. We all know that HTC has announced that to be the HTC One X, which is the awesome of the awesome. A leaked Endeavor RUU showed up and XDA member swamp goblin created a pre-alpha build to get some Sense 4.0 flavored ICS to the Nexus S. Always a treat to see these “frankenports”. I actually just like saying that term.

Naturally due to hardware differences, this build has hardly anything working on it. Developers have their hands full to making this a DD. So if you are rocking a Nexus S, and want to get some Sense 4.0 on it; click the thread below and let us know how it is. Make sure you do a backup because you will want to resort back to what you have now.

Source: XDA Developers
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