Got a hankering for some updated applications? So do we. Google Maps wasn’t what I was thing of though, but I’ll take it. A new update has landed in your Play Store that changes only minor details. By minor, we mean the update has only one item listed: New, simplified menu for Google Maps Navigation (Beta). Giving you a cleaner and easier menu system while navigating. As you can see from the screenshots so graciously taken by Droid-Life, the 3 dots have vanished as the menu and solely relies on your actual menu key or onscreen menus key. They took away that terrible list style menu lay out and brought the 2 x 3 block button style. While the update doesn’t have anything game changing, it should help you utilize the service with a little less stress.

Hit up the Play Store to your “my apps” section to snag the visual changes.

Images via Droid-life