T-Mobile has had its fair share of ups and downs with the Sidekick branding. Long before Android was available the Sidekick line of devices from Danger was a huge seller for T-Mobile. With huge support from celebrities and offering a lot of great features that weren’t available on many devices. They the Microsoft failure hit and soon, the Sidekick was out of the loop. After Android hit the scene we saw many devices start to emerge. It didn’t take long for T-Mobile to shift their patented name, Sidekick, to Samsung for a similar looking device with a crazy UI to grace the carrier again. Hoping to make their signature name iconic again. Sadly, that didn’t pan out so well. After a brief stretch on the shelves, the Sidekick 4G will soon face EOL (End of Life).

While we can’t say we are too surprised by the move, we are still sorta sad to see it go. Had it dawned better specs, had a developer following and been a bit more cutting edge, it could have gone the distance. We can’t blame Samsung for its short comings, it is a T-Mobile requested build. Much like the less than appetizing myTouch line that has been hitting shelves. There hasn’t been any leaks or rumors surrounding another Sidekick style device. Hopefully the branding isn’t dead and gone just yet. Lets hope T-Mobile kicks it up a notch, sticks with a major manufacturer and produces something that can really be your sidekick. Hopes and dreams, I know.

Source: Tmonews

  • FILA

    You will never see another SideKick, nobody really wants them anymore.