T-Mobile is pretty well known for its stellar price plans. Offering plans that can fit into many peoples lives for a cost that is generally lower than its competitors. The cell industry is constantly changing and rate plans are continuously altering to give the end-user more bang for their buck. THis of course is with the exception of data plans. On the mobile front of texting and communication though, we have seen a lot of changes take place over the last few years. With cellphones being a huge part of everyone’s daily life. The latest offerings to be located headed to magenta customers is a pretty amazing idea and plan.

Beginning April 4th, any and all T-Mobile customer can give a quick call or jump to their account online and add a new feature. It will be called ‘Unlimited Any Mobile.’ For $10 a month per line, that line can call any mobile number in the U.S. and Puerto Rico with out using their minutes. Stats wise, T-Mobile claims that 80% of all calls on a customers account are to another mobile number that isn’t their own. This should easily help reduce your number of minutes if you aren’t already on an unlimited plan. The best part is this is a feature add-on and they aren’t going to force a contract on you to take advantage of it.

For the downside, cause you know there always is one. I can’t seem to find any information and how this will affect incoming calls. The whole sheet only mentions calling out to mobile numbers. This could cause some communication issues. Having worked at T-Mobile in the past, I can already see the credits and adjustments skyrocketing in a few months if this is only going to pertain to outbound calls. Not to mention how this will work while roaming on other networks. I hope the training sessions provided to their front line employees will give more details than this desk drop.

Source: Tmonews

  • FILA

    Yea we were also wondering if it will work for the Monthly 4G plan at Walmart, 30 bucks, plus 10 for unlimited calling, wow ill jump. but I doubt it will.