Earlier today we alerted everyone to the leaked RUU from the HTC One S. Bringing with it a solid Ice Cream Sandwich base along with Sense 4.0, it gave developers a nice place to start. We mentioned that we should start to see ROM’s built from this base landing shortly for the Sensation, we never thought it would happen this fast though. Virtuous Team seems to already have one out in the community for you to take a gander at. Since the HTC One S shares the same screen size as the Sensation and the EVO 3D, you won’t run into the widget sizing issues like before when using the Sense 4.0 builds from the Endeavor leaks. Makes a for an easier port really.

As mentioned though, this is more of a preview build that may or may not ever see updates or resolutions. Virtuous Team doesn’t recommend flashing this if you plan to use your device as your daily driver. The camera doesn’t work, Bluetooth doesn’t work, Animations don’t work and possibly much more. For the adventurous ones who are itching to take a look at what ultimately will be pre-loaded to the One S, now is a pretty good time.

Check out what the team and the community members are saying about it as is and feel free to take it for a test drive if the need out weighs the for a fully functioning phone. This is only the beginning. Who knows, we might see a fully functioning version out before the One S ever even makes it to store shelves.

Source: XDA