We are no stranger to leaks in Android. Their labels range from firmware to RUU’s and other various names. The label that is attached to it is based on the manufacturer and how they run their software. An RUU stands for ROM Upgrade Utility and is used by HTC and a handful of others for updates to software. When an RUU gets leaked for a device it is usually full of bug fixes and occasionally new additions like radios or kernel versions. Sometimes though, as a new Android version is under construction, an RUU will leak with the new OS inside. In this case, the HTC One S RUU has been located and made available. Giving the developers a resources for Ice Cream Sandwich and Sense 4.0 UI. Great news for them. While there is still a lot of work to be done, along with driver issues and a host of other problems that they could be faced with, we should start to see it be ported to various devices. I would expect to see HTC One S based builds for the Sensation starting to appear soon along with other Sensation versions as well. Here is to hope our devs keep surprising us and delivering the things the manufacturers say can’t be done.

If you are looking to poke around the RUU or pick it up for your own creation, point yourself over to TMartin’s XDA thread now.