In the wonderful world of Android that we live in, there are a few constants that many can count on. Many of which aren’t timely updates from a manufacturer or the death of a despised UI. The constants the exist in our lives and keep up going and buying these high-end devices lands solely on the Android development community. Locating and pulling unofficial leaks of updates then taking them apart, making them work and offering them up to the masses. While a devoted Android user never takes the word or a manufacturer over a developer, we were surprised that Samsung actually got ICS updates rolling out last night. Granted, it is to a large handful of international users, while U.S. still have a while to wait for carriers to get on board and bloat it up first.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t more good news coming out the community shortly after the update started rolling. While you may have already received your icy treat on you Galaxy S II, you are missing one favorable addition, root. Like they do, the developer community already has you covered. Thanks to XDA member Faryaab, you now have all the files needed to take that pretty update and get all the root love you might already be missing. The instructions aren’t overly complicated and utilizes Chanfire’s CF-Root, download mode and Odin.

We are certain the development community is already stocking up on Red Bulls, Coffee, Cigarette’s and beer to rip this update to shreds. We will try to keep our eyes peeled for new ROM updates that bring the official release to the rest of us. For those of you overseas looking to get your root back, head over to Faryaab XDA thread for instructions and files. Happy rooting.

Source: XDA