[CM7 Theme] Forget Ice Cream Sandwich. Try Blue Frost


You got to love these blue themes. They give a sense of Honeycomb and of course, Ice Cream Sandwich to our devices. This theme certainly does not differ from the rest. BluFrost is another CM7 Theme that brings an ICS look to your phone. Now anyone that loves the color blue, like I do, will really enjoy this theme. It turns your icons that frosty blue color, as well as turn other elements of your CM7 ROM into a magical blue world. I am really selling this blue theme, aren’t I? Well it is free in the Play Store so why not give it a shot. Normal rules apply of course. Place in your Theme Chooser and apply theme. Enjoy.

Application: BluFrost
Developer: Mattman
Cost: Free

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David Pena
Been an Android nerd since the G1 days. I believe I hacked and flashed that phone into dust. Currently sport a Nexus 5 sized bulge in my pocket, which I am absolutely loving. I also host and produce The ManDroid Show every week and love talking Android to whoever wants to talk about it. So let's talk!

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