V6-Maniac has released an update to Sense-o-Maniac – ICE 4.0.3 DeSensed . The latest version is now 2.0.

This release is supported on the following Device(s):
– HTC Sensation

Sense-o-Maniac – ICE 4.0.3 – Sense 3.6 – v2.0

  • Added Muhdi Beats port – Sounds better in my opinion
  • Update SuperSU to v0.83
  • Added 1,6Ghz, 1.7Ghz & 1.8Ghz kernel by SebastianFM
  • Added md4.ko for full cifs support
  • Adreno 2xx GPU Binaries updated for ICE (Read more here)
  • Added stock SystemUI without EQS as default
  • Added EQS with Leedroid tweaks as optional in the installer

Sense-o-Maniac – ICE 4.0.3 – Sense 3.6 – v1.9

  • Updated base: 3.32.401.105 XE – Thx to EddyOs for the OTA
  • Removed optional Beats from the installer – it`s in the base now
  • Updated the market to 3.4.7 – Google Play StoreMore to come
  • Added SuperSU v0.73 as optional – beware Chainfire build it from scratch so bug expected (more info here)
  • Updated Adobe Flashplayer to v11.1.115.7
  • Updated 4EXT Recovery Updater to v2.2.8
  • Updated 4EXT Touch Recovery to v1.0.0.4 RC1
  • Updated Aroma install binary to v1.63
  • Updated Google Maps to v6.4.0
  • Leedroid Tweaks v4 Lite
  • 5×5 rosie with no text will is still available but not compatible with Leedroid Tweaks (didn`t had time to make it compatible)

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