HTC is on a mission, to put a One series device in the hands of every customer around the globe. We know the UK is already seeing pre-orders and various U.S. carriers have already made their upcoming version official. One of the lesser expensive models, the One V, is reportedly coming to Virgin Mobile for $200 sometime in late spring. Pegging it to launch most likely around April. The One V is the more average spec’d models. Sporting a 1GHz processor, ICE, Sense 4.0, a 3.7-inch WVGA screen and 512 MBs of RAM. It will also only have 4GB of memory on board. You will still find Beats Audio built-in along with a smaller 5MP camera. A specific date has yet to be revealed and which colors they might stock is still up in the air. While it isn’t a One X, the V was never supposed to be. It sounds like it will be the first ICS with Sense 4.0 powered device to land for under $200, which makes it rather attractive for Virgin customers.

Source: Pocket-Now

  • FILA

    wow Viring Mobile USA i presume? This is the BEST phone VM has ever had and will ever have for a long time. Can’t believe it, just to bad VM network sucks a little bit more

  • Lawless_1

    So this phone can handle sense 4.0 but supposedly the Sensation can’t? HTC is trying to pull a Samsung Behold II type of fast one.

  • prepaiddog

    Well ics I don’t know I have HTC evo 3d flashed for boost I’ve always loved HTC had the thunderbolt have evo 3d now I’m going to try HTC one v with android stock ics No front camera virgin mobile ur a little cheap ppl don’t like things like that wake up