While everyone sits around impatiently waiting for Samsung to get an Ice Cream Sandwich update to the AT&T Galaxy Note, others are taking steps to enhance what you already have in your hands. XDA member lactardjosh  has taken a simple approach, not creating a glitch ridden ICS ROM to your hands, but at least bringing in some more functionality while maintaining the stock feel. The 14 toggle quickpanel mod was originally created by lidroid but has recently been ported over to the Note.

This mod gives you access to a few settings that will allow to adjust and rearrange the toggles in the drop down notification section. Making your life a little easier and giving you better control of your device. The mod has a few requirements, you will need to be rocking a rooted Note and have access to Clockwork Mod in order to flash the zip file. It has been tested on stock deodexed versions and nothing else. Feel free to hit up lactardjosh’s XDA thread for the necessary files. Be sure to pick up the revert file as well, just incase you end up hating the modification. While you are there, take a look around. He has quite a few othe really nice modifications available.