We have been following along with anything Galaxy S III related for some time now. We have seen every leaked image, every launch date rumor and every planned speculation surrounding the device. The constants stay constant while the images seem to change on a daily basis. Sometimes things get a little out of hand though. The image you see above is being labeled as an image of the GT-i9300. When that model number first made its way to the web, many people assumed it would be the Galaxy S III. Falling inline with their current model numbers for the Galaxy line. The Galaxy Nexus being the GT-i9250. The device above is definitely not the Galaxy S III, in our opinion anyways.

Let us explain a little bit about why. First of all the screen is not clear enough to be the next gen device we all want. The style and design of the outer body coupled with the normal looking bezel doesn’t match up to what we have heard about thinner bezels. The odd black housing around the device doesn’t fit the bill either. While it might be some sort of rubberized case for it,  Other note worthy items to point out, the inclusion of ‘S’ apps, like S planner, S Suggest and S memo. All S apps lead back to the Note and the S pen. While Samsung is selling Notes like hotcakes,we highly doubt they would put an S-Pen in the next line of Galaxy S devices. It wouldn’t make sense to us. It would need to be the Galaxy S III Note for it to fit in the line up.

What is this mysterious device you at looking at then? Well, it is the GT-i9300. At least that is what we are lead to believe in the image showing the ‘about device’ section. It is obviously sporting ICS and has the lack of hardware keys and resorts to the on screen ICS navigation keys. It is possible that this is a Note variation, somewhat smaller, that could be in testing for a carrier. The Samsung logo on the bottom rather than the top leads to a U.S. model and not an international version. Samsung puts their logo on the top for international devices, where as the U.S. puts the carrier name at the top. They blot out the carrier name in all the images, and with it being such a big blot one can assume Verizon or T-Mobile. AT&T already has the Note, and AT&T is a pretty short carrier name to warrant such a big black out.

Rumors and speculations are flying around about what this device is and where it is headed. You can draw your own conclusions, but I swear, if this turns out to be the Galaxy S III I will be highly disappointed. What do you guys think this is? Will this be a 4.6-inch or 4.7-inch Note variant for another U.S. carrier, or are these old images of test production versions that are just now surfacing to get more press talks?

Via Phonearena

  • darkharlequin

    I’m still hoping for a Note variant for Sprint, so maybe this is it. I just really hope it’s not smaller. I want that 5.3″ screen more than I want the s-pen functionality, and hopefully an upgraded processor from what at&t got and sprint LTE support.

    AT&T has the note, Verizon is getting the “Journal” variant. Need one for Sprint now.

  • FILA

    Im surprised anyone would be proud to call that a Galaxy III, lol, With a clearly 1024×600 display and look at that bezel, lmao