The monster that is Android is forever evolving in capabilities. Where once stood a locked down and un-customizable system like iOS, Blackberry and Windows, now stands chameleon devices capable of being almost anything you want. Android isn’t just about flashing custom ROMS, themes and applications. It is about making your device be whatever and do whatever you want regardless of what the carriers tell you. This is easily the biggest draw to the OS for developers that lie to do things a little differently. This is apparent in the way they take a new Android version and plop it onto devices that the manufactures say can’t handle it. Other cases include putting Android on a Windows-based phone, or clearing out WebOS for some CyanogenMOD love. Most devices have a work around and a way to deliver something they weren’t originally designed to do.

Recognized developer dasmoover over at XDA has done some work that proves the fact that Android devices can always do more. Creating flashable zip files that offer the user fully working versions of Linux on their Epic 4G Touch. While I am far from a programmer or lover of Linux myself, I know many of you guys are. You have various available choices to from Debian, Backtrack or Arch to choose from. All of which range in file size to fit on your sd cards. They state it works on ICS and Gingerbread pretty easily.

The developer and his team also confirm everything is operational on the Epic 4G Touch, Galaxy S II, Atrix, EVO, Incredible and the XOOM. Giving many of you out there a chance to give things a shot. While we personally don’t recommend that the average Joe installs this, those of you that know and live Linux might be tempted to give it a go. If you are the daring type, head over to dasmoover’s XDA thread for the necessarily files and other information.

Source: XDA