Next Friday Sprint and HTC will be holding an event in New York City to show of a special project between the two companies. The invitations have already been sent out and the media has already secured their spots for the party, us included. Much like any other invitation only event, the web tends to know what is going on way before hand. This is no exception. We know Sprint is getting the HTC one X. Everyone is already talking about it being the next EVO device. It seems that Sprint will be making the announcement of the Evo One coming to the carrier during the event.

None of this is anything new to any of you that regularly follow us or any other number of blogs. The EVO One still won’t be housing the international version specs. It will have that wonderful dual-core Qualcomm S4 chip buried inside. The performance specs of the chip is pretty outstanding and has beat the Tegra 3 quad-core processor in a number of benchmark tests and battery life. The difference between the EVO One and the other carriers One variants will be the body, primarily the addition of the kickstand that has made HTC devices so popular on Sprint’s network.

The name is still mostly a guess by us and many others across the web, but we are pretty confident it will have some thing similar in its title. BE it the EVO One X, EVO One, EVO One X 4G or some variant of the combination is yet to be seen. There is also rumor of the EVO One carrying a 2,650mAh battery and have a surprising addition of expandable memory. According to an inside source at Phandroid, the device will have the same SLCD2 display that the international models are sporting too.

If the EVO One lands with that much larger battery, the available kickstand and the same brilliant screen, then I think you Sprint guys are going to be extremely happy when it does land. We will know all the details and have some hands of photos of whatever HTC and Sprint plan to announce on April 4th. Until then, let us know if you think it will be worth the time and money to pick up when it does launch, which is rumored for June 6th at the moment.

Source: AndroidAuthority, Phandroid


  • Shane

    I’m not sure if this is the Droid I’m looking for, after waiting for a proper follow up to the EVO 4G.. I will say though if Samsung is smart they would need to make an announcement before the June release of HTC WHATEVER about the SG3.. As one of the original EVO owners I can say that 2

  • FILA

    I can see this happening, but i dont kno why other carriers dont put the kickstand on more HTC phones. This will be a hot phone this year, but Im not switching to sprint