Well isn’t that a great rumor to have dug up. I remember when Google attempted to sell the Nexus One via their own site. It didn’t sell as well at they had hoped. That was a long time ago though. The Android community has grown to an unstoppable monster now. Google is in a very good position to sell a Nexus tablet running on Android as a direct sell. Dumping a stock Ice Cream Sandwich experience to them and cutting out the carrier BS that we all love so much. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google will be cutting out that carrier middle man, going with ASUS and Samsung to produce the products and make it them available for under 200 bucks.

Some of you might have noticed the words ‘them’ and products’. Good catch. The rumor pegs more than one Nexus Tablet to be built and sold. The rumor mill is a buzz, full of more than one device in the pipeline. If we were to take a stab at what their plans would be, we would have to say various sizes. Potentially a 7-inch, 9-inch and 10.1-inch. All ranging in price of course. Coby has proven that a descent ICS tablet can be built and sold for under $200. What is stopping Google from creating something similar, only better.

If Google subsidizes the sale of the tablet, they sure as heck can’t ask you to sign a lengthy contract. Rather they expect to make up the difference in Play Store revenue. Which isn’t to terrible of a thing really. Google already claims 30% of app sales. If you put that into a round about number, an app that is $1.00, Google gets .30 cents. If that app sells 100,000 copies, Google makes $30,000. Not a bad profit margin really. Especially since they had nothing to do with the development of the application and only provided the market location for developers to sell their work. It isn’t rocket science.

The way I see it, Google is seeing the gap created by manufacturers and carriers in the tablet market. If they can build something stellar and make it affordable for the general public the return in app purchase for the tablet will be huge. Look at the Kindle Fire for instance. THey sold millions of them, lost money on every sale too. Hoping to make up the difference in sales through the Amazon app store. Seems to be working out pretty well for them. Could you imaging what a $200 tablet that is faster, better and stock would do for consumers and the Play Store? If the rumor is true and Google pulls it off, this is going to be HUGE! Take a second to hit up the poll below and let us know what you would drop to have a 100 percent Google supported experience tablet.

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Via WSJ & Phandroid 

  • Travis

    Finally Google takes the initiative and maybe start to control the fragmentation going on with Android. Hopefully this will lead to phone sells in the future if it goes well!