T-Mobile is in desperate need of a great new Android device. The Galaxy S II is one of the best ones they currently offer, while the rest of the line up is rather ‘blah.’ Don’t even get me started on the Blaze 4G. They have a few phones lined up for release before the end of the second quarter, but none are close to what the HTC One S is capable of offering. I know a few of my die-hard HTC friends are already sold on this device and are impatiently waiting for it to launch. It looks like their wait might be down to just 3 weeks or so. Thanks to Tmonews, they discovered a nice little bit of info. As you can see above, the screenshot shows a nice little launch button with 4.22.2012 plastered across the top of it. The date looks to be a Sunday, which isn’t T-Mobile’s prime day of the week for a launch, but they have done it in the past. Of course launch dates can be change and moved around. Who knows, it may land a little sooner or a little later than what is pictured. Either way, it is good to see some sort of date that you can look forward too if you are ready to pick one of these bad boys up.

Source: Tmonews

  • Shawn

    So this means that there probably wont be any information related to a ICS upgrade for either the SGSII or the Amaze (on T-mobile), for at least a month after the launch. Just saying..

  • userofphones

    I got a chance to see the HTC One S today and it looks/feels excellent. Really classy. It takes a micro SIM, so I couldn’t pop in my T-Mo SIM… bummer.