ClockworkMOD is a staple in the Android community. Without it we would be lost. ClockworkMOD has come a long way in the years that it has been out. New features get added, new devices get added and bugs get worked out all the time. One of the latest new additions to the app was a touch UI. Making life a little easier for you while also giving you hardware buttons a rest. Two more devices have now been added to the list of touch recovery users. Those of you sporting an original ASUS Transformer and ASUS Transformer Prime can get your touch on. If you are scared, don’t be. It is the same recovery you are already addicted to using, just with a full touch interface and larger menu items to make clicking easy.

To give it a go on your Transformer, open up ROM Manager and tap “Flash ClockworkMOD Touch.” Should be all gravy after that. To see if your device has full touch recovery support you can head to There are two columns, one for standard recovery and one for the touch recovery. The list of full touch support is slowly but steadily growing.

Source: AndroidPolice