Last week T-mobile customers that had the ‘My Account’ app installed were greeted with an update to the app. Many people clicked the update button and went about their business as usual. It didn’t take long for ads from T-mobile to start popping up in their notification bar. Of course that didn’t go over to well with customers at all. Seems it didn’t take much more than a day for this to be addressed by T-Mobile and sub-sequentially fixed. They sent a statement to Tmonews about the issue and offered up an apology for the inconvenience.

During a recent software update, a message to promote T-Mobile’s free VIP Zone was mistakenly sent to certain customers and appeared on the notification bar for some Android devices. After T-Mobile was made aware of this mistake, the company stopped the notifications. T-Mobile apologizes for the inconvenience this may have caused customers.

The culprit was addressed and fixed. You, as a customer, don’t need to do anything as T-Mobile solved the issue on the back-end. Now, how are they going to address all the permissions the app needs access to? Many of them still seem a bit excessive.

Source: Tmonews