There are more than a few people who are excited to see and get their hands on the newest HTC One series of devices. It is expected to hit a number of carriers world-wide, with some pre-orders already under way in various locations. The design, the hardware and the software all seem to flow in perfect harmony. While there are a few model name variations and a few processor changes, for the most part the HTC One series is pretty great. Then in steps Sprint.

It is no secret that Srpint works with HTC often to bring their own personal take on a device to their network. The HTC EVO line is proof of that. The newest addition to that line is the HTC EVO One. This is the device that Sprint partnered with HTC to create based of the One series of phones. We say ‘based’ because after you a few images, very little of what the One series is actually remains.

One luck Droid-Life writer was able to get some photos and a little time with the device already. You will be getting a 4.7-inch display with 720p resolution, no doubt the SLCD 2 screen, an 8MP rear camera and a 1.3 front shooter. It will have the slimmed down Sense 4.0 running over the top of traditional Android 4.0. If you hate it, you can install Nova or APEX for a more ICS look and feel. On the rear you can see the famed kick stand that Sprint is so fond of including.

It looks like a pretty interesting device. While I would not personally like this one to be lumped into the One series, I can see why they wanted to make it happen. What are your thoughts? Did Sprint ruin the EVO One as compared the standard One series, or did they improve upon an already beautiful device?

Source: Android-Life 

  • TurboFool

    I’m a little confused. Outside of the kickstand and red accent behind it, what differentiates this phone so drastically from the other One phones that you feel it shouldn’t be branded alongside them? Everything else is the same, and the carriers essentially always request their own slightly different body styling, so that’s hardly a surprise.

    • Stormy Beach

      I should have been a little clearer. Now that the official announcement is out, it isn’t being branded as One device at all. It is spec’d off the One X, but redesigned and changed up as a collaboration to be an EVO brand. Still a One X for the most part. With a dedicated camera button, kickstand and body. With the announcement official, it is a little clearer that HTC and Sprint are keeping it out of the HTC flagship arena and making it a Sprint flagship device.

  • FILA

    I think Spring hit this right one, a true successor to the 2010 Evo. Finally sprint did something right. I wish T-Mobile would do the same thing. I just found out the One S has no NFC, so yea no sale for me, fuck that

  • 13n

    I can see why Sprint is so fond of including the kickstand; I love it! I’ve tried to prop my phone up against something many times while watching a how-to video via the YouTube app or even when watching a TV show through the Remote Access app from my employer, DISH. Not only is the kickstand great but the high-res screen is sure to bring out an abundance of details in every video and show. I am glad it’s due to be released soon so I can try it out for myself.