Until I got my hands on a stable Ice Cream Sandwich build, MIUI was my default ROM of choice. It offers so much customization and the battery life was always stellar. I miss it at times, but I just can’t pull away from ICS. Some of you aren’t fortunate enough to have ICS on your device though. Those of you that are still running MIUI like to trick out your device to look and feel how you want it to be. That is where MIUI Themes come into play. The themeing ability is by far the best feature of MIUI. Giving you the ability to change a single aspect or the entire device at a moments notice. While picking up a plethora of themes is great, some of you want to try your hand at making your own theme.

Thanks to XDA member Clever_Name_Here, you have an opportunity to edit and alter a theme your way, or even build one from scratch. He’s recently released his MIUI theme editor application to the masses after . It is a PC based application that lets you change and alter a number of things like splash screen, boot animations, re-sizing and editing icons and so much more. Much of it accomplished with easy drag and drop functionality tht even the most novice of users can understand.

I downloaded the app myself to have a go at it. Seems to be working pretty well. I can see where there is going to be a small learning curve to over come and a lot of learning will be trial and error.

If you are feeling creative, or even just bored, you might want to head over to the main site at miuithe.me. The tool is free for your use and the dev has plenty of plans for additional features in the future. The download is an easy to launch exe file with no installation required. Also, be sure to let the dev know about issues and any future requests, he is very receptive and wants to make this app something everyone can enjoy using.