One can never have enough violence in the palm of their hands. That is why Grand Theft Auto has done so well in my opinion. It lets us do all the terrible things we want without any of the real world consequences. There is something about breaking into houses, stealing cars and beating people up that just hits the right spot. A relatively new game from Funzio, title Crime City, offers us just that sort of game play and a whole lot more.

You start out as a low life petty criminal with aspirations to become the greatest Mob Boss to ever live. In the process you will fight and rob other players all on their way to the top as well. Crime City is an online based game for Android, meaning you really will be beating up other people, not just a computer character. The game has oodles of features –


– Massively Multiplayer Online Crime Game!
– FIGHT and ROB other players LIVE!
– 150+ POWERFUL Weapons and Cars to Buy
– 80+ Real Estate Properties to Own
– 500+ Different Jobs
– 200+ Goals to Complete
– 60+ Areas to Explore
– 100+ Decorations
– Build Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants, and more!
– Steal cars, beat up people, do heists, and more!
– Invite friends to make your mafia stronger!
– Collect massive income from your properties!
– Enjoy a rich crime story
– Gorgeous graphics

All of this packed into a freemium style game. Hard to pass up really. Even if you aren’t a fan of time limits and waiting to do things. Check out the gameplay below –

As per usual, below you can find the QR code. Simply click or scan it to head to the Play Store and give it a go. Enjoy.

Application: Crime City
Developer: Funzio
Cost: FREE

  • Charles

    I’ve played Crime City on android several months now. The main issue I have with Gree is that android user cannot compete in all crime city events. The soul competitive purpose of the game is to build your attack and defense to improve your chances in battle. This is done by adding items such as guns, armor, vehicles, explosives etc. After an event you have a chance to improve your attach and defense by 2500 points or so after every event. What Gree didn’t consider is if we have events our android users can’t participate in they will not be able to be competitive. I really love the game but as an android user very disappointed in our competitive disadvantage.