The tablet wars keeping across the world with more and more tablets being unveiled and announced. Top players, in our opinion, are ASUS, Samsung and Lenovo. Now Lenovo might not be a name you are too terribly familiar with when it comes to tablets. I know I never thought much about them until I saw their products at CES up close and personal. They have just released a video showing off their latest Android addition, the IdeaTabS2109. Featuring a single front facing camera, Ice Cream Sandwich, a IPS display and 10 hour battery life. Hardware specs are still unconfirmed at this time, but more concrete information should be available soon. Take a quick look at it for yourself.

Talk on the streets puts the aspect ratio at 4:3 instead of the typical 16:6 at 1024×768. It should be sporting 1GB of RAM, but no mention of processor model yet. To make the tablet a little more appealing, you can expect it to be a mere 8.9mm thick. It should turnout to be a great tablet that won’t rope you into a contract.

Source: AndroidPolice

  • Abhishek

    No doubt this is looking pretty and we are going to witness era of ICS tablet PC in near future for sure. This tablet is real cool and let us see whats there in future by other companies